Marcella, Episode Seven




Annnnd we switch directors again.

Annnnd he thinks he’s doing Forbrydelsen:





Just four of waaaaay too many of those damned shots.

Annnnd when we get to the end of the episode, my reaction was exactly this:


Next episode is the alleged conclusion.

I say alleged because it’s going to take pulling multiple rabbits out of a hat to wrap up everything. And I don’t think that can happen.

Because with this episode, nothing makes sense.

I’m beginning to feel like a sucker for watching this. Let’s see if the next episode cements that feeling.

ProTip: When doing a mini-series, use a single director.

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One Response to Marcella, Episode Seven

  1. mikecane says:

    Huh? It aired last night?

    EDITED to add: I expected it to air next week. Acquired. Will do a post in a few hours. Thanks!

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