Marcella, Episode Eight, Conclusion


Thanks to Martin in Comments, who alerted me to it airing last night. I expected it next week!



Symmetry. Start of episode:


End of episode:


Unfortunately, everything in between that was utter rubbish.


I should have seen the killer from the beginning. They went for the obvious. But were good at distracting me.

Not all loose ends were tied-off (whatever happened to the car service guy?). And the motivation for the killings was such a stretch of disbelief that it was abusive.

I want to say that I wasted all of my time watching this. But one thing wasn’t a waste at all.

Watching Sinéad Cusack.


She was marvelous. Her performance was so skilled that it was chilling. She knows how to get the best out of the smallest gesture or the most subtle of looks.

Having seen her, and Charlotte Rampling in London Spy, I’m eager to see a British TV series with all of the most experienced women actors. They’re just fantastic in their skill.

If there’s ever a second series of Marcella, however, I pass.

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2 Responses to Marcella, Episode Eight, Conclusion

  1. Martin says:

    Another one…Why she move the body.??? What happened in that house.

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