Locked-Up (aka Vis A Vis; Conjugal Visit), Episode One


Holy shit. This this this is how it’s done.

After several disappointing first episodes that open with flash-forwards that spoil things up front, this series knows how to keep you hanging, puzzled, and wanting more more more.




OK, before I go any further, people who are thinking this is like a certain Netflix series, read this:

If that all sounds a bit Orange is the New Black to you, don’t go expecting a largely breezy comedy-drama here. This is intense, tough, bloody, violent, and graphic.






We go through this entire episode never knowing why she was put in prison! Is that great or what?

We have a hint that she was probably a patsy …


… but the crime? Not one damn hint!

And as for that hint of her being a patsy? Well, that could be a red herring because something else crops up that makes you wonder just what the hell is really going on.

These are some very, very tough women:







And the worst of the lot is Zulema:






OK, enough spoilers. But I want to entice people into watching this. It’s so good!

There’s a punchline at the end that sets up a situation that could potentially spring Macarena, but will it pay off in the end? Who knows?

This is a great script with matching great direction.

I never intended to watch this at all. I took a peek and couldn’t stop!

Special note for everyone who can see this on 4 in the UK:

It’s only the first instalment that’s being broadcast on Channel 4, and the rest of the series will be immediately available on All 4 when Episode 1 is finished.

That means you’ll be able to binge-watch the entire thing at your leisure (if this much tension can be deemed leisure).

If I could binge-watch this, I damn well would.

And if you do, no spoilers in Comments!

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