Some VR People Are Just Real Morons

In a VR world: As virtual reality materializes, filmmakers dive in

At GDC, some VR developers argued VR experiences shouldn’t have music at all, opting instead for realistic ambient noises.

Oh shut up, you moron.

I’m reminded of a possibly apocryphal — yet it sounds so true — anecdote about film score composer Bernard Herrmann. It took place at a press conference for a movie and went like this:

Reporter: Mr. Herrmann, we’re on a ship in the middle of the ocean. The camera moves in to highlight two people on the deck. Suddenly we hear this music score. Now where did the orchestra come from?

Herrmann: Where did the camera come from?

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3 Responses to Some VR People Are Just Real Morons

  1. richfinck says:

    Did you see GM is thinking using VR for Cadillac dealerships. Not many details but no cars will be present. They will present your choices of cars and options with VR. My thought was will they have those bags they use on airplanes available. I’m interested to see how far this goes.

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