Ralph Nader Interview

An Election Season Conversation With Ralph Nader, the Nation’s No. 1 Public-Interest Crusader

There’s a distinction between charity and justice. Charity is soup kitchens. Justice is giving people the opportunity to not have to go to soup kitchens — like giving them decent jobs.

I’ll say it again: In every Presidential election that he ran in, I voted for Ralph Nader. My hands are clean. I have no regrets. And you can shout in my face about how my vote “gave” the election to someone you don’t like, but fuck that shit. My vote mattered and it went to who I wanted and who I thought was the best candidate for this country. And if you had had the guts to vote that way, we wouldn’t have had the bastards we wound up with.

In this wide-ranging interview that is a must-read, Nader again displays an intelligence that is deep and encompasses many issues still unaddressed in the current campaign. He even addresses the nonsense of “trigger warnings.”

This is a man who should have been our President.

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