Video: Space Precinct Legacy

Space Precinct cost about thirty million dollars to make.

It was to be Gerry Anderson‘s return to TV in a major way.

When it aired in America, WPIX-TV Channel 11 — which had always supported Gerry’s shows, beginning with Supercar — dumped it at 1 or 2AM. On a Saturday night (Sunday morning!).

That puzzled the hell out of me.

Until I saw the first episode.

I told a friend at the time it was an “embarrassment.”

Now a wonderful documentary called Space Precinct Legacy tells the story of what happened with that series.

Bluntly, it was a clusterfuck on many levels.

Anyone who has ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a TV series that turns out all WTF?!!!? needs to watch this.


What a shame. Talented professionals sabotaged by bad production design, handcuffed by decisions imposed upon them, and some of the worst scripts I’ve ever seen.

I really appreciate the frank talk all of them offered. That was a hard job to stay on. Thank you.

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