Final Excerpt From 1943 By Mr. X

Page 245:

“This girl’s father was framed by the Reformers and is now serving a twenty-year sentence. Prison life has given him tuberculosis and he has only a short time to live, but that doesn’t trouble the powers that be at all. Probably they regard it as a visitation of the Lord which merely supplements the punishment that they have handed out to him here below,” and Brooke’s ordinarily amiable face took on a sneer.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Unfortunately, this otherwise fine book is marred by the prejudices of its time. There are two instances of “coon” used, one instance of “nigger,” and a black man — who is a hired assassin — is described as having the “face of a gorilla.”

That Liberty Party in the book wasn’t exactly about liberty for all.

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Excerpts From 1943 By Mr. X

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