Disparue (The Disappearance), Episodes Seven & Eight, Conclusion


Contains a major spoiler. Don’t read yet if you haven’t seen it.




Annnnnnd …



… if you didn’t know she was murdered, now you do.

And then, the oldest penny in the damn book drops:




And now I’m sure two people did it. All that remains are the details of the how, the why, and the cover-up.






Annnnd another penny drops:


People who commit crime are really sloppy!

They were very good at misdirection in this series. Well, except I figured out who had guilt from episode one — and then came to see it was two people. And it was.

So it became Forbrydelsen-like in the end. But it never had the depth and adrenaline rush of that series. One point in its favor: If you take selected portions from anyone’s life, you’d feel like they needed a brick to their head too. In that respect, the French were good at pointing to moral ambiguity.

And remember what I said about all the lying in the series? If they’d just done the right fucking thing to begin with, none of them would have been in this extended mess!

However, in the end, there is nothing special about this series and I can recommend it only to someone who wants to watch a French mystery. Otherwise, your time this summer is better spent with BrainDead on CBS.

The best thing I’ve seen from France remains Braquo. And I still have series three of it waiting to be seen.

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One Response to Disparue (The Disappearance), Episodes Seven & Eight, Conclusion

  1. Martin says:

    There are things about the finale I liked.Even with the obvious guilty ones. Some drama where good,and some dead where unexpected. One day we( not talking about you and me here) need to discuss why nordic drama is different , I think a big part is the climate the austerity in the people, the sadness in the faces..that make more intense the mystery .

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