Oculus Rift Can Play Steam VR Games

Rev VR Podcast (Ep. 122): Revelations Regarding the VR Wars

While battling my way through the virtual warzone, I was “Touched” by Oculus, and a startling turn of events have lead me to a vision. Who are the true winners and losers of the VR Wars? What is the correct headset to back, and are the lines between sides as clear as they appear to be?

I’ve spoiled his podcast but it’s still worth a listen. Especially if you’ve been thinking of buying an HTC Vive over the Oculus Rift.

I’m not surprised by this development. Valve wants to sell software, not a headset, so it only makes sense they’d become compatible with the Rift.

These are still very early days in VR. But hardware will become a commodity. That’s just how it always plays out. No headset maker is an Apple. Hell, Apple might not even manage to stay Apple after entering VR.

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