The Return Of iFive? iFive Pro 2 iPad Air Clone

I don’t have the time at the moment to thoroughly investigate this, so links.

ifive Pro 2 announced: RK3288 SoC., 4GB RAM and a fingerprint reader

ifive Pro 2 Tablet Announced, With 4 GB of RAM and Fingerprint Scanner

Google Translate: iFive Pro 2 iFive Fans board

First photos and hands-on, Google Translate: [RK3288 regimen ifive Pro 2 supports high technology texture class fingerprint Taiwan first-hand box test


1. Support Fingerprint
2. RAM upgrade to 4G
3. Magnetic keyboard support
4. The fuselage built-in 4 groups ACC horn
5. Before upgrading five million pixel camera, after 13 million
6.Type-c Interface

I’m not going to get excited over this. We’ve already seen the RK3288 surpassed by the Snapdragon 652, which is in the Verizon-only Asus tablet and still to come (in America) upgraded Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 series.

It seems to me this is too little and just too late.

And it’s a rather big slap in the face to veteran iFive customers who bought the iFive Mini 4 and have yet to see its OS get a proper update at all! Beware!

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