China Has An NPU Chip

China unveils first embedded neural network processing unit

The VC0758 NPU, developed by China’s leading video technology supplier Vimicro is based on a data driven parallel computing model, which can greatly improve the smart chip’s computational ability at a lower power consumption rate, said Zhang Yundong, executive director of the Vimicro State Key Laboratory on digital multimedia chip technology.

Vimicro on Monday announced that it has realized mass production of the VC0758 NPU after five years of research, suggesting that China is now one of the countries with the most advanced artificial intellectual technology in deep learning based on a data driven parallel computing model, according China National Radio (CNR).

Zhang added that the chip is especially skilled in processing multimedia data such as videos and images. Its capabilities will especially be brought into full play when it is used for embedded computer vision applications, CNR reported.

I’m not quite sure what this means or the ramifications of it. But I need to note it here because I have a feeling it could change things.

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