iambillbil Tries VR

iambillbil is well-known internationally as one of the foremost reviewers of Chinese tablets — and some other tech — inside of China. I’ve quoted many of his Chinese tablet reviews and he is mostly trustworthy (although sometimes his enthusiasm for a product can invite skepticism). He doesn’t do shallow reviews, either. He delves into the guts of things and really tries to see if he can bend a product to his will.

Now he tries a cheap Chinese VR headset based on Google Cardboard [Google Translate].






There’s nothing really new in this review. He comes to the same conclusions everyone else has: Mobile VR needs 4K screens to be really enjoyable (not even current 2K screens do well); low-res VR can lead to nausea/motion sickness; the current version of Android isn’t suited for all VR (changing a rooted phone’s screen DPI can lead to weird results).

The most interesting bit to me was his use of a rooted Nubia phone with a frighteningly low-res 1920 x 1080 screen at 6.4 inches! He had to adjust the dpi to 380 to produce results he was most comfortable with.

It’ll be very interesting to see if iambillbil continues to investigate VR. He would be the review conduit for all of the VR headsets being churned out over there. I would welcome that.

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One Response to iambillbil Tries VR

  1. FM says:

    Check out the Adam tech demo using the latest Unity 3D game engine. Running in real time at 1440p on a PC with Nvidia GTX 980. It’s like a freaky bit of a movie short. Realize that a GTX 980 is now the “last generation” model with the GTX 1080 just coming out. It should be possible in the near term to get these things running in VR with the new generation of hardware.

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