Rockchip Jumps Into VR


Google Translate: Rockchip Asia for the first time to create a hundred VR-one experience, RK3288 UAV domestic debut

It’s based on their power-hungry RK3288 CPU and the newer RK3399 (which I’ve not seen reviews of yet).


Currently, it owns Rockchip RK3399, RK3288 two were for the high end and entry-level market VR-one solution. Their common feature is the support of three new industry standard VR —20ms millisecond delay, 75Hz screen refresh rate, and more than 1K refresh rate gyroscope, bringing excellent virtual reality experience. The RK3399 chip also has superior 4K 360-degree panoramic video decoder, 300 million triangle output rate to support the technical advantages of the eight major game engine platform, continues to lead the VR machine forward evolution.

It remains to be seen if this is going anywhere.

The RK3288 when used in tablets has been very disappointing and is now so old that the Snapdragon 652 blows it out of the water. Does the RK3288 have a new future in VR? I can’t see that happening with the way it drains a battery.

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