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Walt Disney And Friz Freleng

Final quotes from Walt Before Mickey. Friz Freleng became a legend in animation himself. But as a Disney employee, he never had a happy time. Walt could be immature (he was still just in his mid-20s) and Friz said he … Continue reading

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A Helmet Of VR Cameras

Jesus is coming … to virtual reality Jesus VR – Set for Christmas 2016 Release Look at that VR camera setup. This cries out for an article in American Cinematographer. And what stitching software?! Previously here: Virtual Reality category

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BrainDead, Episode Three

OK, I’ve seen three episodes now. (Seeing the third was delayed while IRL stuff intervened.) Is this still the series you must not miss?

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Apple Must Be Brought To Heel

First eBooks, now music. Spotify says Apple won’t approve a new version of its app because it doesn’t want competition for Apple Music “This latest episode raises serious concerns under both U.S. and EU competition law,” Gutierrez wrote. “It continues … Continue reading

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