The Mystery Of Life

The Body Snatcher, by Patricia Melo:

Whenever an airliner crashes I think about the people who get to the airport early and have the chance to move up their trip. Wouldn’t they be trading a sure, safe flight for the one that’s going to plunge into the ocean and kill 198 passengers? The worst airline crash ever, the experts will say. Things could also have happened the other way around. And precisely because he didn’t move up his flight, the guy dies. Because the plane marked with an X was the one and not this one. And there are even worse variations. Maybe it’s his presence that determines the crash. Maybe our fate is written in our DNA. Maybe God is just settling accounts with you and all the others are going to die as supporting players on whatever flight you take.

That’s what I mean. Logic, intelligence, strategy, and plans all exist, but there’s also the mystery of life. The truth is that we can only go so far. Beyond that, it’s luck. And luck is luck.

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