The Never-Mentioned Zika Reservoir

Elderly Zika patient in Utah may have infected a family contact

A Utah resident who died after contracting Zika from travel abroad may have spread the virus to a family contact who did not leave the country, raising troubling questions about a possible new route of transmission of the mosquito-borne virus, state and federal officials said Monday.

Officials said they are investigating how the second person became infected. One possibility is close contact between the critically ill patient and the contact. Officials are also trapping and testing mosquitoes around both individuals’ homes. The second person has since recovered, officials said.

The question never raised in all of this:

Are human beings with active Zika virus a reservoir of infection that can be transmitted person-to-person via mosquitoes?

That question was raised a lot during the initial discussions — and panic — about HIV/AIDS.

Not one peep about it with Zika, however.

So tell me, how the fuck has it exploded in South America?

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1 Response to The Never-Mentioned Zika Reservoir

  1. Adam Neira says:

    “Are human beings with active Zika+ virus a reservoir of infection that can be transmitted person-to-person via mosquitoes?”


    Take note…Various animals like cats, dogs, sheep, cattle, birds, rats & monkey may also be reservoirs for the Zika+ virus.

    Pregnant monkeys infected with Zika+ virus show very high levels of virus in system after 50 days !

    Monkeys in Brazil proven to carry Zika+ virus. Other animals as Zika+ reservoirs? Listen 1:00:30

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