Sixteen Years Of Political Crybabyism





Listen up, you whiners and screamers:



I have zero regrets voting for Nader. The problem isn’t — and wasn’t — me.

It’s what it’s always been: YOU.

You’re satisfied with the plate of shit you’re given.

You thank your overlords for the plate of shit.

You gratefully eat the plate of shit.

Then you want more shit.

When do you wake up that you’re being fed shit?


Don’t cry to me about how “things never change.”

YOU are the reason things never fucking change.

Because you’re willing to eat shit doled out by others.

Not everyone is.

I’m not.

Enjoy your shit.

But don’t open your yap to dare tell me what to do with my vote, you goddammed status-quo-loving hypocritical coward.

I was right to vote for Nader.

YOU were wrong not to.

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One Response to Sixteen Years Of Political Crybabyism

  1. Well said. Here in Australia I too get people trying to persuade me to vote for some party machine I don’t like. Political parties are a cancer for democracy. I wish I had an answer for it.

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