The Hillary Speech


It was on too damned late! I had to get to sleep.

So I caught it this morning via YouTube (I won’t provide a link; I came across an ad-infested version — just took the first one I could get — and you can probably find better). I watched it all.

There were two killer lines.

And they’re worth repeating.


A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons.


But here’s the sad truth: There is no other Donald Trump…This is it.

But how many people already deciding to vote for Trump even heard the speech? They’ll probably hear those lines, though, repeated on the news throughout the day. Will it make a difference?

I liked her speech. But there was more I liked.

This video is what America means:

Tony Goldwyn at The Independence Hall DNC Presentation 2016

This video is America at its best:

Rev. William Barber FULL REMARKS at Democratic National Convention (C-SPAN)

This video is very America:

Khizr Khan FULL REMARKS at Democratic National Convention (C-SPAN)

Clearly, the hour and a half — all I would subject myself to — of the Democratic convention was better than all of the nights of the Republican convention I sat through. In those ninety minutes alone, there were better speakers, better speeches, and a promising energy.

The only trouble I have with all this is that we’ve had eight years of Obama.

And he changed nothing.

If he had stepped on the neck of Wall Street, I could believe the DNC speech rhetoric.

But he didn’t.

So how can I believe Hillary will do anything?

I’m tired of being taken for a sucker. So are most people. That’s why Trump has even gotten a shot. That’s why Sanders gained around twelve million votes.

There’s still time between now and election day for me to decide what to do.

Stop screaming at me to declare I’ll vote for her.

There’s plenty of time for Trump to cross a line and self-destruct his campaign.

And he probably will too.

As with the Trump speech, The Los Angeles Times has a full transcript with highlighting. Clicking on a highlight will make a panel appear on the right of the screen that provides fact-checking or other details (much less of that than with the Trump speech!). This is the best way to review the speech.

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