Even More TV Puppets: The Making Of X-Bomber/Star Fleet

Ah, I will be stepping on many toes with this post.

I’ve never been able to watch a single complete episode of this series. The music — from the theme on — is like nails on a blackboard to me. Someone with an iPad and GarageBand can do a better job (anyone can confirm that on YouTube).

The puppets? I appreciate the creativity of the anime-like designs, but these are more like dolls than puppets. They’re just too damn stiff. They’re robotic without any sense of life to them.

I don’t like the sound effects or the special effects, either.

About the only thing I like about this series is the making-of video, after the break.










I know this was a big hit in England and there are many fans of it still. It just doesn’t appeal to me at all.

While this series was being assembled — and it was an assembly — Gerry and his team was busying producing Terrahawks. Even though I consider that series to be a step down from Supermarionation productions, it still has its charms and there’s no disappointment at all when it comes to the art direction. Even the music is catchy.

Anyway, here’s the X-Bomber/Star Fleet video:

Star Fleet X Bomber The Story of the Production

And a rare Japanese-language video that shows X-Bomber with its original music and sound effects. The music is barely better than what England replaced it with. The sound effects are, however, better. Even so, I couldn’t watch all of it.

超宇宙マシーンXボンバー 発進準備完了 (X-Bomber Ready to Launch) – Preview Show

Also, finally, a Japanese-language promo video that’s been remastered and looks considerably better than most of the Star Fleet videos on YouTube.

Xボンバー X Bomber Pilot Presentation (Remastered)

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