The Final Word On Why There Will Be A Trump Landslide

The More the Establishment Freaks Out Over Trump, the More Attractive He Becomes

Dear Establishment pundits, flacks, hacks, sycophants, apparatchiks, toadies, lackeys, functionaries, leeches and apologists: the more you label Trump as “singularly inappropriate,” the more attractive he becomes to the 81% who’ve been left behind by the financialized-globalized-neofeudal order that has so greatly enhanced your own wealth, influence and power.


The people outside the cozy walls of the protected elites don’t care if he is unqualified (by the standards of those who get to pick our presidents for us) narcissistic, singularly inappropriate, and so on–they are cheering him on because you, the multitudes of water-carriers for the Imperial elites, the teeming hordes of well-paid, I-got-mine-so-shut-the-heck-up pundits, flacks, hacks, sycophants, apparatchiks, toadies, lackeys, functionaries, leeches and apologists, are so visibly afraid that your perks, wealth, influence and power might drain away if the 80% actually get a say.

When Bernie Sanders still thought the NYC subway required a token to ride, I should have realized it was all over for him.

Trump probably never touched a subway MetroCard in his damn life but he’s damn good at venting the silent frustrations of what Nixon called the “silent majority.”

Let me tell you how Trump voters see this and why it’s going to be a Trump landslide.

We’ve had nothing but slicksters as politicians for ages. They say safe things and actually do very little.

Trump is not slick. And he says he’s going to do a lot. And, what’s more, as a businessman he has a record of doing a lot. Things you can see, not shit you have to read in a book or magazine.

That has great appeal to people who are stuck in the manual and service labor lower rungs of the economic ladder. Talk — sociological studies by well-groomed people — doesn’t help them. Action does.

Trump might erupt with new outrageous statements daily — sometimes more than once — but people, his voters, have tried his alternative. They’ve lived and suffered under it. Hillary is more of that same. And she lacks warmth. People can sense the cold calculation behind any statement of hers that has a patina of compassion. They know it’s fake and that she doesn’t give a shit about them.

Is Trump an elephant in the room who will break things? Oh hell yes.

But his voters are willing to give that alternative a chance.

This is how bankrupt the other side — the Hillary side, so to speak — has become to them.

All of those Trump voters, they probably know someone who is exactly like Trump. It could be relative, a boss, a co-worker. But they know his kind.

I too know someone who is like Trump — and not rich — and I despise the son of a bitch. But here’s the thing about that: That loathsome person is still someone who might rise to a higher occasion.

The Presidency of the United States is not a toy. It’s the biggest thing in the world. Someone cannot go into it and remain unchanged.

Those Trump voters? That Trump-like someone they personally know might have undergone such a change. And so when they look at Trump, they’re thinking of someone they know who has changed when given more responsibilities.

They damn well know nothing will change about Hillary if she’s President. All it is to her is another rung on the Political Power Ladder.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Trump is a billionaire, and has a bathroom full of gold, etc. I know all that. So do his voters. His bank account and his possessions don’t matter to them. What he says he will do, does.

He perfectly encapsulates the sentiments in this:

Network – Mad as Hell Scene

Howard Beale is like Trump. Faye Dunaway is Hillary Clinton. William Holden represents the intelligentsia and punditry. Dunaway is the opportunist. Holden is the “You can’t do/say that!” guy.

Sure, Beale is insane in the movie. But his rage is not. It’s the finest American tradition that looked at things and yelled, “Stop! This must change.” And it wasn’t just white males that yelled that. It was women, and non-whites, and non-straights. Rage gave birth to America. Rage has made America better.

Rage is why it’s going to be a Trump landslide.

I’ve made jokes on Twitter about the coming of Trump Camps and such. But the reality is there will be a Congress, a Supreme Court, and an entire nation of state and local politicians he’ll have to confront if he gets out of hand. His voters know this too.

And, as a last resort, there is also us, the citizenry.

He can’t court the “Second Amendment” crowd without being aware that they can turn against him too.

Are there parallels between other demagogues — I will skirt Godwin here — and Trump? Yes.

But, despite Sinclair Lewis and even Octavia Butler, this is still America in 2016. There’s plenty of rage on both sides of the political spectrum to check Trump. And no one will put up with a contraction in civil liberties and rights for anybody.

About the only way Trump can sabotage himself is he gets irretrievably stupid and pulls a Ross Perot and withdraws, thinking there will be some kind of popular uprising to make him return. That would never happen. His voters would feel the deepest kind of betrayal and he’d never be forgiven. They don’t like quitters, period.

Does Trump understand everything he’s in for as President? Oh hell no.

But his voters know that too. How many of them underwent job promotions without realizing the full extent — the depth and breadth — of knowledge they needed to handle the job? They were overwhelmed. But they didn’t quit. They learned as they went along and they got better at it.

They believe the same will happen to Trump too.

Oh, I hear the objections to that.

But here’s my thing: I’m sick of professional politicians too.

I’ve gotten to the point where they should all be thrown out and elections should be done away with. Political positions should be filled by a random draft of the citizenry. Yes, we’ll sometimes get idiots — but so what? We’ve had them among the “professionals” too (hello Quayle and Dubya). How could it really get any worse than it’s been? At least the people in those offices will have worked in their lives, not been specifically bred and raised for positions of power.

Trump voters are in the George Bailey position in this clip:

It’s A Wonderful Life (1946) – James Stewart – George Bailey’s Speech to Potter & the Loan Board

Let me give you the specific quote:

People were human beings to him, but to you, a warped, frustrated old man, they’re cattle.

To those who favor sending jobs overseas, shutting down factories, telling employees to fend for themselves and suffer the “humiliation” of public assistance (which shouldn’t be seen as a humiliation; their work paid for it!), Trump voters have been cattle.

And they’re sick of being cattle. They’re human beings, goddammit. Their lives have value.

I don’t care what the polls say. It’s Election Day that matters.

And it will be a Trump landslide.

Now you know why.

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2 Responses to The Final Word On Why There Will Be A Trump Landslide

  1. richfinck says:

    Excellent post. I love that first vid. I’m in the mad as hell group myself.
    I’ve said for a while now that this country needs a revolution to shake out the lying political idiots that are shaking down the people by being in government from graduation to death.
    We survived Polk, Carter, and Obama, we’ll survive Trump. Along the way dome good may emerge. As a closing thought anyone with a political sci degree should be disqualified from government.

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