The China Mirage, Part Two

How Xiaomi lost $40bn: Where it all went wrong for the ‘Apple of the East’

Lenovo, Huawei, ZTE. The American market won’t make room for more. Just ask established Asus how hard it’s been to get shelf space!

My own opinion, retrospectively, is that Xiaomi took a wrong path with their original tablet, which was more expensive that their customers expected. And then Lei Jun had an unrealistic ambition for it. He was ignored — and so was the tablet.

Jun and Xiaomi placed many bets for a Mi Ecosystem. He never wondered what would happen if they all turned out to be losing bets. And that one company would become a PR nightmare.

I generally ignore Chinese companies now. After years of keeping up with them and seeing them go nowhere, I can see none of them are fit to accomplish what Japanese and Korean companies once did.

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The China Mirage

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1 Response to The China Mirage, Part Two

  1. Hm, these hype about Xiaomi death seems a bubble
    Different analytic agencies count sales differently and now some of them show decrease
    But actually it doesn’t matter much, as Xiaomi starts to conquer different countries (e.g. Russian major retailers are finally selling and marketing mi5 etc.)
    Wearable market made Xiaomi top 3 worldwide brand while many smart home gadgets like WiFi+
    “Vivo offered curved screens; Oppo and OnePlus dangled rapid charging; LeEco offered exclusive content; and Huawei threw in dual lens cameras and fingerprint sensors.” and such statements seem to be intended on unaware readers
    While Xiaomi is offering such products as Mi5 for 300 usd and Note 3 Pro for less than 150 usd, it will be popular
    Of course it cannot make such revenues as Samsung and Apple selling the same components for 2-3 times more, but it is much stronger than Sony, HTC, LG etc having losses

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