Video: Kobo Aura One Public Library Lending

Michael Tamblyn, CEO of Kobo — and a genuine guy — explains the new Kobo Aura One in a video, highlighting how OverDrive integration will make borrowing books from a public library an easy experience.


I’ve grabbed three screensnaps that demonstrate how it will work.

See Popular:


Select one:


Hit the button:


According to the video, entering your library card info is all that’ll be required to borrow books from your local library. This seems to be as easy as the SimplyE app from the New York Public Library.

It can’t be as frictionless as a tablet due to the slower eInk screen, however. But for an eInk device, this looks like a major breakthrough. I’m very interested to see reviews and, especially, owner reports. Despite its high price, the public library aspect could make the expense worth it to me.

CEO Michael Tamblyn Introduces the new Kobo Aura ONE eReader

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New York Public Library eBook Lending Breakthrough: SimplyE

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