Android 7.0 And Daydream VR

Android 7 is out today for select Nexus phones.

Android 7.0 Nougat review—Do more on your gigantic smartphone

Daydream: Android becomes a virtual reality platform

For now, we know there will be some kind of accelerometer and gyroscope performance metrics OEMs will need to meet. For the display technology, Google has said that AMOLED displays will be a requirement — no LCDs allowed. Phones will probably also need to meet minimum performance requirements — ARM and others are beginning to design mobile SoCs with VR performance in mind, so finding high-end phones that meet those requirements should be relatively easy.

Some interesting details I didn’t know about Daydream VR in the linked section.

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3 Responses to Android 7.0 And Daydream VR

  1. looks like they are retarded
    AMOLED means pentile, which means much much lower sPPI
    so, it will result in image quality like in Oculus DK2, which is much more pixelized than any 100% IPS China-phone with 1080p screen

    • mikecane says:

      The Pentile factor slipped my mind. Yes, Pentile will screw things up.

      iPhone is supposed to go AMOLED next year. Will it have Pentile too?

      • AMOLED is Samsung trademark
        From its certain generation it has pentile and they dont try to switch from it
        While OLED, as a more expensive tech, is used in PlayStation VR
        I hope chinese companies (and apple) will switch to different display vendor, not Samsung

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