Video: ZTE Zmax Pro Vs. Sony Xperia XA Ultra


The $99 ZTE Zmax Pro versus the $329 (or $369) Sony Xperia XA Ultra.


This is an interesting — although slow and with YouTube image stabilization that makes it a bit trippy — video that has helped me to decide.


His Screen On Time has the ZTE winning, being just about double that of the Ultra — seven versus over three hours.

His AnTuTu scores are ZTE’s 46,000 versus Ultra’s 48,000.

Although ZTE doesn’t say so, the Pro can do fast charging. The Ultra can’t.

The Pro has USB-C versus USB 2.0 of the Ultra.

The Ultra has a sharper screen and better cameras.

The Ultra has NFC, the ZTE doesn’t. But the ZTE has a fingerprint scanner.

And the bottom line? It’s what I originally suspected. Check out the yellow-underlined subtitle:


Sony Xperia Xa Ultra vs ZTE Zmax Pro

ZTE Zmax Pro specs
Sony Xperia XA Ultra specs

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