Kobo Aura One: PDF Reading Disappoints?

Kobo Aura One: Comics, PDFs, And Its Guts (video)

I have found (and other reviewers concur) that the Aura One is frustratingly slow at both opening a PDF and turning the page in PDFs

That’s not … um … optimal.

I’d say there was a case for a beefed-up Kobo Aura One that can handle PDFs better — but there is no such case to be made. Sony tried to address that need with a big-ass PDF reader that went nowhere. And Plastic Logic never even got to the starting line in addressing that market. Onyx did — and, like Sony, went nowhere.

No company has a financial interest in making such a device. There’s no “store” for buying PDF publications (which is a bit of a shame) they could make money with.

And, really, the only advantage to eInk is that it’s allegedly “easier on the eyes.” Until, you know, we discovered eInk side/backlights were from Satan and we had to filter out the blue! Imagine, all that time touting how much “better” eInk was when the lighting was as horrible as better full-color screens! So go figure. Never believe the hype.

Anyway, the Kobo Aura One — and any me-too copy from Amazon’s Lab 126 — will never be beefed-up to accommodate PDF readers. That’s not how those companies roll or how they make their money. The best anyone can hope for is that they at least optimize whatever PDF software they’re using to try to make life a bit easier for people who want to read such documents. But don’t buy any eInk device expecting that to ever happen!

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