Video: Kobo Aura One PDF Test From The Digital Reader

Same-day update at the end.



Nate of The Digital Reader has done a quick demo of the Kobo Aura One with a 60MB PDF file.



From this tap …


… to this first page …


… takes ten seconds!

From this swipe …


… to this page …


… takes five seconds!

All other pages take five seconds too!

PDFs are weird shit. Ones with images are the weirdest shit. All Google Books PDFs are image-based. They display at different speeds, however. Those who have followed my Google Books PDF test posts over the years already understand this. This speed difference is generally not dependent on filesize, either.

The 290MB PDF of The American Magazine displays pages faster than Surface Japan, which is only 13MBs. I don’t know what accounts for that difference, either.

Nate says he’ll be doing another test video too, so check his site for further information.

Kobo Aura One PDF test

Same-day update:

Nate has done a second video. No screensnaps this time. Watch to the end for his exclamation of horror, “No! No!” — and then the video abruptly ends as if the device has killed him!

Kobo Aura One PDF demo

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