iPad Price Drops


Apple drops prices, increases storage for most iPad models

I contracted some very serious iPad Mini lust when I did this post. I’ve tried to avoid going to an Apple Store ever since.

I couldn’t stop myself thinking about an iPad Mini, however. And I was thinking about a Tyrant Gold model with 128GBs of storage. But ouch! $599. Then I remembered some stores — like Target and Best Buy — sometimes run $100-off sales. So it could be $499 at some point.

Then BAM! Today, Apple made it $499 for real.

So I’m back to thinking about those $100 off sales. Will it be possible to get a 128GB iPad Mini for just $399 in a few weeks?

Of course, nothing is really simple in Apple world. They also made the 128GB iPad Air 2 $499 too! So could that also be $399 in a few weeks?

Something to think about.

Also: These might be the last iPad models worth buying before Apple ruins them with an AMOLED or another type of screen that allows use of the Apple Pen.

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