Vuze Camera Studio Stitch/Edit Software For MacOS Too

The highly-anticipated Vuze camera — the only consumer-affordable VR camera to offer shooting in stereoscopic spheres — was highlighted in an article, HumanEyes Technologies shows off Vuze VR 360 degree 3D camera, that had a curiosity-inspiring closing paragraph:

Stitching and editing of recorded footage is done in the Vuze Studio software on a PC or Mac and final results can be viewed on the included VR headset that is compatible with most smartphones.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Using a Mac?

That sounded new to me, so I asked the Vuze Twitter account and it was confirmed:

The software will work on mac too!

Further tweets revealed it will work with MacOS El Capitan (the version just before the new Sierra) and will be slower than using a PC due to the crappy GPUs Macs have (that’s not a slam; Mac owners interested in graphics will heartily confirm it!).

Mac compatibility is going to significantly widen the market for the camera — and make it appeal to people who can do the most with it: All the creative production people who use Macs. This could be a very significant step in furthering VR filmmaking.

Meanwhile, over in Cologne, Germany, people attending Photokina are able to do this:


Previously here:

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2 Responses to Vuze Camera Studio Stitch/Edit Software For MacOS Too

  1. ss says:

    But where can I find the Mac software?

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