Aftermath, Episode One


This was a bit of a surprise.



I peeked at it, not intending to watch, and I couldn’t stop until it was over.

Who can resist Anne Heche as a Kickass Mom?


It’s the end of the world in the strangest mashup I’ve ever seen, a mix of ancient myths and the Bible’s Book of Revelation.


Earthquakes, record-setting weather, and …


… things falling from the sky.

There’s demon possession …


.. and a fever that drives people totally insane.


And we follow one family as they try to survive this mess.

And just when they set us up to believe this is going to be like Cordon/Containment



They pull out the rug from underneath our feet.


This is TV, so the effects are basic CGI and the physical environment doesn’t have the necessary changes in the aftermath of a huge storm because of its budget. Yet there are still some surprising effects in this.

And the script moved at a good clip and I couldn’t tell where it was going.

And …



… Anne Heche as Kickass Mom! Can you resist that? I’m almost tempted to say they should have dropped the rest of the family, just had her, and called the series Kickass Mom Versus The End Of The World.

I want to see the second episode.


Aftermath webite

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