Designated Survivor, Episode Two


Um, yeah. Me too, Mr. President.




Well, that fell off a cliff into the Abyss of Cliché very quickly!

This resembles the script:


Predictable dialogue, situations we’ve seen before, and who the hell really thought he …


… a drug-dealing entitled spoiled brat, would look after his sister?

Come on.

And then to really stab the episode to death …


… they insert a stupid fucking song over the President’s second visit, turning the area into a music video!

Did anyone stop to think about how damned sobering it would have been without any music whatsoever? How the crunch of walked-over wreckage and the sound of digging would have gripped the attention of viewers? It’s a vast graveyard, not a damned party!

The only thing that kept me watching was the movie-quality performance of Sutherland.

The script was tempting me to otherwise abandon the series already.

Let’s see what episode 3 brings.

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Designated Survivor, Episode One

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