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Finally! An iPad Mini-Sized Book!

Well, as long as it’s an iPad Mini 4. Side by side:

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Most Of The Time, CGI In VR Feels Like This To Me

CGI versus real.

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Oculus Rift And PSVR Demos

The Best Buy at Union Square had demos set up for the Oculus Rift and the PlayStation VR. I tried both. The Oculus demo began with a trailer that had clips of different things. Two of the most striking was … Continue reading

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Terrorism In NYC: More SPY FAIL

At about 8:30 Saturday night, I was feeding the cats and getting ready to go to sleep. The TV was off and I was done for the day. So it wasn’t until Sunday morning I discovered what happened, by seeing … Continue reading

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Mr. Robot, Season Two, Episode Eleven

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BrainDead: Series Finale

My posts stopped because real-life things and the Olympics threw me off my schedule. If I can’t do a timely post, it feels like a chore, so I don’t do it. I just saw the finale. As the series went … Continue reading

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Helicopter Money!

Exciting Step Forward: Helicopter Drop of Debit Cards for Refugees in Turkey The humanitarian effort comes in the form of a $393 million helicopter drop of Debit Cards and Cash to Refugees in Turkey as Part of Migration Deal. The … Continue reading

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iPad Price Drops

Apple drops prices, increases storage for most iPad models I contracted some very serious iPad Mini lust when I did this post. I’ve tried to avoid going to an Apple Store ever since.

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Mr. Robot, Season Two, Episode Ten

There are just two quotes that matter in this episode. And one screw-up by a normally spot-on series.

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Paul Léautaud

Paul Léautaud According to Nancy Mitford in The Letters of Nancy Mitford and Evelyn Waugh (p. 251), Leautaud was an eccentric literary critic and diarist who said he loved cats and dogs more than people, lived on nothing but potatoes … Continue reading

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