Timeless, Episode Two




Second episode, and it continues to surprise me.


It’s interesting that they opened with the historic event the story will revolve around …



… and then make us wonder if it will happen that way after all. Is that the set format for the entire series?

A pivotal meeting …


… that reminds us — and especially me — that this isn’t Time Tunnel at all. And that there’s a larger puzzle at stake, which reminds me of the way James Burke sewed up all of history into one “final” invention in Connections.

I’d never thought about it before this episode, but time travel …


… would actually be traumatizing. How could anyone go into the past and just stand by while disasters and deaths took place before their eyes?

Also …



… the past isn’t Westworld, it’s not an amusement park. These are real people and they won’t do your bidding and will act in ways you never anticipated. Just being there changes everything.

I’m sure people are being fooled by the slickness of Westworld, thinking it’s something deep because it’s a snoozefest. Philip K. Dick did it all first and better with more style and zero boredom.

And look at this, it’s a TV series on a damn network — not HBO — that illustrates the people behind it are real brains.

Well done. I look forward to episode three!

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4 Responses to Timeless, Episode Two

  1. Timeless is going to have to find something other than this gimmick, otherwise it is going to go stale, fast.

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