Timeless, Episode Three




It’s clear this isn’t Time Tunnel! And they won’t open every episode with the historic turning point the protagonists have to preserve.

In this one, they go to 1960s Las Vegas. A setting for the older series, Crime Story.



And yeah, they mentioned it:


This script, however, was just fair. There were clear pro-women lines in it to correct past social injustices. A script shouldn’t be a damned tract. And it was handled clumsily, without any finesse. As for the historic turning point? I couldn’t find it anywhere despite the mention at the end (more of the script being clumsy).

I still want to see more, especially since they left us with a very puzzling cliffhanger.

I just want to point out the backup prototype time machine is a very strange beast. Just look at what it’s made of:


Look closely. What’s the machine doing with a bilge pump?

And this:


And here:


Russian-language text!




Worst of all:


With all the work they now expect to get out of this machine, shouldn’t they be covering all the exposed bits — and maybe even doing upgrades between missions?

In my first post, I wrote:

What bugs me a bit is that this is network TV. A ton of money was poured into this first episode.

They can’t keep up that level of spending. How cheesy will future episodes get?

I think the budgetary seams are already showing. I’d bet this is a stage set and not a location:


But even if it was, I didn’t mind. It fit in with the TV budgets of programs from that era. Just see the planet sets on Star Trek and Lost in Space!

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