Thunderbirds Are Go: Season 2, Episodes 1 & 2


The Abomination of Desolation is back. And they brought in Bane.

Because why do the hard work of being imaginative and shit?



Come on. Designers are paid to design. Ripping off Bane is just pathetic. There are so many ways they could have gone. One of which would have been Steampunk …


… and female. That would have been a great contrast to both the (once-)sleek (and now boxy) Thunderbirds craft, The Hood, and given Kayo and Lady Penelope — and even Grandma! — their own adversary. And contrasted thinking by a woman versus that of a man, with all three women having to lead the Tracy brothers and Brains.

But why do I even bother. This series has a tragic record of creative deficiency. What a waste of money.

Episode one: It felt like an hour. And that’s not a compliment.

Episode two:



First up, this is one hell of a design:



Unfortunately, the writer surrendered …


… and most of the dialogue is cringe-worthy low-brow no-IQ garbage from TV sitcoms and druggie PG movies.

Its saving grace was that it was a mildly clever situation and the pirates were fun:



Clearly better than the first episode of the new season.

I see the Fosters are trying to lessen the use of horns in the score — thank god! — but the mixing editor is stifling the music, dropping it in at too low a volume and ultimately losing it under trivial sound effects. Production has probably ended so it’s too late to fix that. But Barry Gray’s original music was as much a character as the puppets.

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