The Assholes Of 2016


When People Laughed At The Idea Of Trump Actually Being Elected President! [Compilation]

Smug, condescending assholes. Deal with what you have wrought now.

And just shut up about the popular vote count. You’re embarrassing yourselves.

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The People Have Polluted Themselves
Donald Trump: Puppet!
Designated Survivor, Episode Four — And Donald Trump
Debate One: Trump Vs. Clinton
Trump: A Fraud
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Fodder For The Trump Landslide
For Future Reference: Trump’s IQ Claim Tweet
Trump Landslide Still Ahead
The Trump Speech
Donald Trump Is Correct (I Can’t Believe It, Either!)
Trump Landslide Ahead
Yes! Let Us All Be Donald Trump!
Palmer Luckey: So Damned Misguided
What The Hell Is Even Going On?
White Rage
The Elites Of Hypocrisy
American Presidential Campaign Goes Full-Blown Nuts
Capitalism Out Of Socialism
The Hillary Speech
Cute. But It’s Not Her.
Make America Ape Again
The Age Of The “Strong Men”
America 2016, Germany 1930s
Tremble, America

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3 Responses to The Assholes Of 2016

  1. richfinck says:

    Just one point. I’ve heard this quote was by Einstein. I like it and I think it applies to election 2016.
    This may not be an exact quote but the logic is exact. Definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

  2. StridAst says:

    A better one is: there are two infinite things. The universe, and human stupidit, and I’m not entirely certain about the universe.

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