#FuckCancer: Death


CRUSHER: He’s dying.

(Korris, Konmel and Worf stand over the bed. As the young man breaths his last, Korris holds his eyelids open. Then they all start a deep throaty growl, which becomes a roar as they are sure he is dead. Konmel removes a hook from the boot)

CRUSHER: Is there any special arrangement you would like for the body?

KORRIS: It is only an empty shell now. Please treat it as such.

— Star Trek: The Next Generation, Heart of Glory

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#FuckCancer Update And Blog Notes

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3 Responses to #FuckCancer: Death

  1. Martin says:

    Sorry man….

  2. E.T. says:

    I am very sorry for your loss.

  3. Jay Diamond says:

    Hi Mike, I came back here to catch up on Atomic Supermen and was saddened to learn of this.

    I’ve lived through this twice a long time ago and I know how it feels to me, so I can only repeat what a very wise neighbor lady said to me way back …”You won’t get over it, you’ll get used to it.”

    I’d like to converse with you some time if it pleases you.


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