Magic Liars

Magic Leap is actually way behind, like we always suspected it was

But at least one of these videos — showing an alien invader video game that let the wearer of the supposed headset or glasses make use of real-world objects — was created by visual effects studio Weta Workshop. Prior to today, it was believed Weta had simply created the visual assets for the game. However, The Information reveals the entire video was created by the studio.

How about all of the videos, especially the fraudulent one after the break.

A New Morning

Note this text:


Click for ginormous:


What a crock of shit! And I knew it from the beginning:


And they never posted a video of the room.

Because they couldn’t.

The room never existed outside of Weta’s computer!

Meanwhile, I had to take shit from the gullible on YouTube and Twitter — and outright lies from Magic Leap’s astroturfing staff on YouTube!

Google is supposed to be so smart.

They sunk money into this billion-dollar-plus fraud.

So how fucking smart is Google really?

There must have been some celebrations over at Microsoft among the HoloLens team. Rightfully so!

The next time someone pimps something that seems too good to be true, just shut the fuck up before it’s a product you can actually buy.

Until then, it’s potential fraud.

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