iFive Mini 4s: Nothing Really New

Five Technology revealed a new iPad Mini clone within the past few weeks, the iFive Mini 4s. The full specs are now out and some retailers are selling it.




Click to enlarge the specs:


And don’t argue with me about it being called the Mini 5 here …


… that’s from Five’s own English-language page! Apparently, it was going to be a 5 but then they switched it to 4s, probably because of the RK3288. And notice that in English, a card slot is listed! Not in the Chinese version.

Aside from the different shell, there’s really not much new here. It has a flatter design with glass instead of solid aluminum. The iFive Skin is gone. There’s now Android 6.0, whereas the original Mini 4 is still stuck at 4.x [Google Translate].

But this is still the Rockchip 3288 CPU, which was last seen at large in the Best Buy Insignia Flex Elite 7.85.

Five has never been known for having good cameras, so I’d expect this one to have bad ones too.

The only intriguing thing is its price, around US$140.

In spite of the Chinese specs, a retailer video shows a card slot three times in its hyperactive promo video:




While it’s listed at Taobao [Google Translate], there are zero buyer reviews for it. That’s not a good sign. It means no one has bought it. The Chinese are not shy about leaving buying reviews! They’re very demanding.

And the 5Fans forum has a single post about it [Google Translate]. Even the fans haven’t been buying and leaving posts showing it off.

Here’s the only video on YouTube:

FNF Ifive Mini 4S Tablet PC – Gearbest.com

The AIDA64 seen in it…


… is a utility app.

Despite my distaste for linking to resellers, this seems to have just one importer carrying it — Gearbest, which even Five links to on its English-language page: FNF Ifive Mini 4S Android 6.0 Tablet PC – BLACK.

It’s rather sad that the Android tablet market has collapsed like this. There’s still merit in an iPad Mini clone if only for that screen size.

Here’s a test I did displaying the same two books on the borrowed Asus MeMo Pad 7 (HD 7″ screen) and an iPad Mini 4 (by the way, the coloring of the Asus screen is due to the Bluelight Filter being on):









Neither book had an iPad Mini aspect ratio and were more suited to a seven-inch screen in terms of width. However, the screen of the Mini did make the text a bit larger. Between the two, I’d rather a Mini-sized screen for reading.

Anyway, if anyone is adventurous enough to buy the new iFive Mini 4s, leave a Comment to let us know how it is.

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2 Responses to iFive Mini 4s: Nothing Really New

  1. kopija says:

    I will buy whatever you will buy Mike.
    And my guess is it will be 8-inch version of that 10-inch Asus you have been fondling recently.


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