Samsung Chromebook Plus Has An Odd AnTuTu Score

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With a hexacore CPU, I would have expected it to go higher.

The Asus ZenPad S3 10 with a hexacore MediaTek CPU hits 75,000.

Is there a massive overhead when combining Android with ChromeOS? Or is there lots and lots and lots of work still to be done with Android combined with ChromeOS?

Other details from AnTuTu:



And now weird stuff from CPU-Z:





A device called Kevin made by Google with hardware called Cheets. This is surreal.

I played with it at a Best Buy some more this weekend (no video or pics). I opened several Chinese tech sites. Everything went well.

Once they get the PDF reading apps — especially SmartQ Reader — working well, this will be a killer device for me outside of the home. (As of post time, the maker of the SmartQ Reader app has not replied or even acknowledged my email.)

Thanks to Baldur for the tests!

Previously here:

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Google Books PDF Test: Samsung Chromebook Plus

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