The Ultimate VR Phone: Sony Xperia XZ Premium


Sony Xperia XZ Premium official global site

The first Snapdragon 835 phone (before Samsung) with a 4K screen (Samsung is stopping at 2K).

The rumor is it’ll be US$800. Which will probably seem just fine when people see a new forthcoming iPhone going for a whopping US$1,000 (that’s the rumor).

Sony has yet to mention the VR aspect. I wonder if they have their own Gear-like headset to come? But it has NFC, which should make it work with a Daydreaam headset just fine.

While we wait for reports of it using VR, three videos with the prior Sony Xperia Z5 Premium after the break.

Xperia XZ vs Xperia Z5 Premium, Which one is better for VR Experience?

Z5 Premium in a VR Headset. Virtual Reality 4K

Virtual Reality 4K. Video file viewed under a microscope.

Previously here:

Video: Sony Xperia Z5 Premium Doing True 4K VR

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  1. Dominique says:

    Great review and videos!!

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