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R.I.P.: William Powell, Author Of ‘The Anarchist Cookbook’

William Powell, author of counterculture manifesto ‘The Anarchist Cookbook’, dies at 66 The central idea to the book was that violence is an acceptable means to bring about political change. I no longer agree with this. Rest in peace.

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When Success Comes Decades Later

Oh, I’m verrry late to this. It’s been on YouTube since May 4, 2016. Forty years ago, a homeless Korean immigrant built an Orlando martial arts empire. In 1987, he recruited his devoted students to act as amateur cast and … Continue reading

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Video: Embarrassing Apple Some More

Because it’s fun. But sad. Since the earliest iPhone that could download a Google Books PDF, I’ve been doing these damned tests, waiting for the day when an iProduct would be powerful enough to display them without making me want … Continue reading

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Video: Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 Extreme PDF Test

Previously: Video: iPad Pro Extreme PDF Test Video: iPad Mini 4 Extreme PDF Test (Plus Tablet Thoughts) This is an unfair test.

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Reference: Getting Images From The Damn Twitter Gallery View

This works. I followed the steps. Video after the break.

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Video: iPad Pro Extreme PDF Test

The video after the break is less than four minutes. I used the same methodology as in the other post: My methodology was to download each (they display in Safari first), hit “Open in iBooks” in Safari, wait for iBooks … Continue reading

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Video: PDF Fun With iPad Mini 4 Splitscreen

I don’t know about anyone else, but I get a real kick out of seeing magazine stuff over one hundred years old on a tablet!

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The iPad Pro Mini Will Be Killer!

I remembered something. This: It’s the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, which I fondled back in 2011(!). It seemed handier than the contemporaneous iPad, and the dimensions reflect that: Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9: 9.09″ x 6.21″ x 0.34″ iPad 2: 9.50″ … Continue reading

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Video: First “4K” VR Headset

How I would love to see VR with this.

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Another Tablet Factor? Automation.

Apple bought Workflow, an iOS automation app, which seems to be a Very Big Deal. I’ve been trying to understand the articles about Workflow over at MacStories and it’s been like encountering the CompuServe documentation back in the early 1980s. … Continue reading

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