Rethinking The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0

It’s on sale for US$299 now:

The tablet world has changed a lot since all of my prior posts about this at my prior blog.

The production of iPad Mini clones has collapsed. The only new one is the iFive Mini 4s, which is a retread of the Mini 4 with a different back and Android 6.x.

SmartQ Reader has also gone through several updates and looks and acts differently than it did in those older posts.

And while that $299 price isn’t the lowest I’ve seen — I think it reached US$249 during the Christmas season — it made me try it again. Because, really, why not?

The same edition of The American Magazine makes iBooks crash on the iPad Mini 4 (and the iPad Pro 9.7!). Paging through, when I reach about thirty pages in, iBooks does a disappearing act. Other than that, the page rendering speed is faster than on the Tab S2 8.0.

I can’t say if a dedicated PDF app would also crash — because Apple prevents loading such things on all demo units.

But I know the Tab S2 8.0 with SmartQ Reader doesn’t crash. (And, at least on this demo unit, it could see the Android filesystem, unlike on the Tab S3 9.7).

I also noticed that, at least on this demo model, the screen didn’t go as blue as it would when viewed off-angle last year.

I also love its thinness, lack of weight (especially versus the borrowed Asus MeMoPad 7 I’ve lugged around), and the Tyrant Gold color.

Still, there’s no hurry here.

Apple might release a new Mini. Samsung could drop this price further (and I think they will). And who knows if the iFive Mini 4G might actually be worth taking a bet?

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2 Responses to Rethinking The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0

  1. Penny March says:

    I just bought the Tab S2 after weeks of researching tablets. I even bought the Tab A 8 first, but returned it the next day because the screen was too pixelated for my eyes. The screen on the Tab S2 is gorgeous…on first glance. But it has this odd sometimes blue (instead of pure white) and sometimes yellow/green on movie files and actors’ faces. This bothers me A LOT.

    I like how zippy the tablet is, but the battery life is also poor. There’s no way one could cross the Atlantic to Europe and watch several films, without having to charge on the plane.

    I’d love to see the Asus ZenPad S3 in person in case it has a better screen than the Tab S2, but it’s not being carried anywhere local to me.

    If the screen tint was correct, I’d keep this tablet…but alas, the colours being off is too distracting for me. Also volume at highest setting is tinny and not so loud…

    • mikecane says:

      The ZenPad S3 has a gorgeous screen. It’s not OLED and I’ve never seen any color shift when I’ve handled it at B&H (the only place in NYC carrying it).

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