128GB iPad Mini 4 Is Now US$399

Same-day update after the break.

Apple is left with one iPad Mini now. The 4 with 128GBs of internal storage. Still with its aging A8 CPU.

It was just back on November 21, 2016 that I wondered if the holiday sales price of a 128GB Mini 4 would reach $399!

Just four months later, that model is now MSRP $399 and the only Mini available. They’ve apparently discontinued the even more underpowered and aged — and lower MSRPed — Mini 2.

This could mean by Memorial Day weekend, the price could drop US$50-$100 for sales.

A $299 128GB iPad Mini?


Note that since September, the 128GB Mini 4 has had two price cuts, each of $100. It has plummeted in price from $599 to $399 today.

There is something strange going on with the Mini 4 too.

iBooks crashes with the full The American Magazine PDF.

And yet, iBooks on the iPad Air 2 — with the same amount of RAM (2GB) — could do this:

iPad Air 2 iOS 9 Full American Magazine Google Books PDF

What changed? iOS went from 9.x to 10.x. Is that what accounts for iBooks on the Mini 4 inability to handle the PDF? Has iOS gotten so damned bloated that what was possible with iOS 9 is now impossible with iOS 10? (if Wikipedia is correct, iBooks itself didn’t change.)

Or is the retail app on the demo unit now different and taking up more RAM? That’s a real possibility, as the Samsung retail app bogged down the Tab S2 and I had to Force Quit it.

Maybe I will have to try this trick (if possible on a demo unit): How to instantly free up RAM on your iPhone and iPad to improve performance.

This is a puzzle I must solve.

Same-day update: In Comments, Adam Scheblein believes the PDF problem I’ve had with iBooks on the Mini 4 stems from a screwup Apple performed when upgrading iBooks for both MacOS and iOS. If they’re indeed sharing the same codebase, this is entirely plausible. According to Wikipedia, iBooks for both MacOS and iOS were released on the same day:

macOS: 1.8 / January 23, 2017; 57 days ago
iOS: 4.10 / January 23, 2017; 57 days ago

If identical bad code is in both, there’s nothing to be done about this problem until Apple sorts it all out and releases a new iBooks.

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4 Responses to 128GB iPad Mini 4 Is Now US$399

  1. Adam Scheblein says:

    I believe PDF in general is having problems on the latest iOS and macOS. http://tidbits.com/article/16966

    • mikecane says:

      I just looked again at the Wikipedia entry for iBooks.

      macOS 1.8 / January 23, 2017; 57 days ago
      iOS 4.10 / January 23, 2017; 57 days ago

      The MacOS PDF problems could indeed be related to iBooks on iOS! Does this also affect iOS dedicated PDF apps?

  2. Robert Jasiek says:

    For light PDFs (black vector graphics and text only) up to 20MB, Mini 4 with iBooks and iOS 10 is no problem. Only difference: a few bugs were eliminated.

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