TV: How’d You Get So Rich?

I saw the first episode of this as a lark. Why not?

It enchanted me.

Host Katherine Ryan gets away with murder in this. She’s not only charming and exudes being a real person, but her side comments are hilarious.

The stories presented in this are bloody amazing.

In the first episode, among other people, we met a guy who made a fortune with what we in America would call 99-cent stores.

In the second episode, this guy …

… got rich being a plumber. A plumber!

Here’s one of his company trucks they happened upon…

… while driving to shop for another villa he was going to buy!

The opulence in this series…

… is staggering.

Even sometimes the streets are too:

For fuck’s sake, I live in a neighborhood that is non-stop ugly, among people who will cut you just for fun. I can’t imagine waking up to something like that every day.

In the 1980s, Robin Leach hosted a series called Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. I tried to watch a few minutes of it once and couldn’t take it. It seemed like showing off.

In this series, the rich are genuine people. Who made their money through hard work (mostly; although the second episode has a ten-year-old girl who’s a millionaire, so, um…).

I recommend this series. It’s not just great fun, but it’s a tonic while we have President of the United States who is the embodiment of everything that is hateful and contemptible about the rich. This series will show you that there are some rich people you’d actually like to have as friends.

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