Another Tablet Factor? Automation.

Apple bought Workflow, an iOS automation app, which seems to be a Very Big Deal.

I’ve been trying to understand the articles about Workflow over at MacStories and it’s been like encountering the CompuServe documentation back in the early 1980s. Hell risen to Earth.

This seems intriguing: Publishing Articles to WordPress with Workflow on iOS.

From time to time, I’ve used the Android WordPress app and it’s been filled with frustrations I’ve had to figure out ways to adapt to. I believe the iOS version of this app is just as miserable. I was looking forward to eventually using Blogsy, if I bought an iPad. But Blogsy is dead.

So, Workflow? Publicly-shared Workflow are available at this site. And a Twitter account keeps people updated.

(For Android, there’s Automate. And it has a public repository too. But (at post time) nothing for WordPress.)

But maybe this is all too ambitious for an iPad Mini 4. I came across this post about an iPad Air that’s troubling.

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