Video: iPad Pro Extreme PDF Test

The video after the break is less than four minutes.

I used the same methodology as in the other post:

My methodology was to download each (they display in Safari first), hit “Open in iBooks” in Safari, wait for iBooks to open with it, double-press the Home button to get the overview of open apps, then swipe iBooks away to close it. I didn’t want any possible background page processing going on to interfere with downloads or to skew the live opening of each PDF.

Except, after grabbing the Processed World PDF and closing iBooks, the iPad Pro crashed!

It happened while I was opening the PDF of The American Magazine in Safari.

The iPad Pro screen went black.

I began to sweat, thinking the Apple Police would soon swoop in to arrest me(!).

After several seconds, I got a white Apple logo in the center of the screen and the usual lockscreen with Press Home Button to begin prompt.

So I had to go back to Google Books and get The American Magazine again.

Then I told Safari to open it in iBooks, I double-pressed Home to swipe away iBooks when it began to open.

The video begins after I’ve opened iBooks “cleanly.”

The Processed World freeze goes on until I give up after waiting nearly two minutes.

iPad Pro Extreme PDF Test

I’ll say it again: Something is screwy in either iOS 10.x or in the current version of iBooks. Because I tested The American Magazine on the Pro previously (no video) and it worked fine. No crashing. I was damned impressed and went on to try a bunch of PDFs from this massive post (2013! I need to do an update!) and they all worked just swell. I was very, very pleased with the results.

Now? No.

Something is Just Wrong. Something Just Does Not Work.

Apple needs to fix this.

I’ve held up publishing this post so that expert Steven Troughton-Smith could file a statement to defend the multi-billion-dollar corporation with tens of thousands of employees called Apple. Because, you know, they’re otherwise helpless and weak and woe unto them!

Here it is (Twitter):

I still maintain it’s not RAM. See my earlier paragraph.

He also chimes in on that hair-raising Processed World PDF (Twitter):

Processed World will always be a problem child because of the way the Internet Archive does PDFs. I will eventually have to run them all through another program to re-PDF them in a better way.

Previously here:

Video: iPad Mini 4 Extreme PDF Test (Plus Tablet Thoughts)

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1 Response to Video: iPad Pro Extreme PDF Test

  1. Robert Jasiek says:

    Good job! (By you – not by Apple.)

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