Video: PDF Fun With iPad Mini 4 Splitscreen

I don’t know about anyone else, but I get a real kick out of seeing magazine stuff over one hundred years old on a tablet!

I had absolutely no idea such a magazine (and many, many others!) existed before Google Books. And to be able to read it on a tablet that I used to see in science-fiction films! The kid in me is doing cartwheels (which I could never do in real life).

Now the brief video.

iPad Mini 4 Splitscreen PDF Test

And of course I expected it to crash. But it didn’t used to. I will have an iPad Pro post with video later and more explanation. I’m waiting on Steven Troughton-Smith to file a statement for Apple Defense about it for the post.

Previously here:

Video: iPad Mini 4 Extreme PDF Test (Plus Tablet Thoughts)

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