Video: Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 Extreme PDF Test


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This is an unfair test.

As seen in the above screensnap, Samsung has a demo app that keep popping up in the background. That app steals processing power, skewing the test results. And the app won’t obey a Force Stop.

There are also problems with SmartQ Reader itself, skipping pages. And when the page buffer is refreshed, a page takes longer to render. It also seems to be incapable of sensibly swiping through several pages at a time, interpreting multiple taps as a request to enlarge the image. And SmartQ Reader is the fastest damn PDF app for Android, which makes the platform even sadder.

Still, I thought I’d post the video anyway. How much that demo app clogs the machine can be seen in the speed difference after it’s been swiped away.

Another reason I’m posting this video is to show that the monstrous JPEG2000-format Processed World will display, albeit very slowly, unlike on any current model of iPad. So yes, this is to shame Apple too!

The video:

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 Extreme PDF Test

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