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Video: iFive Mini 4s With Image Samples

This one is significant because it has still image samples from both cameras. It also has video taken with the back camera. The back camera doesn’t look as bad as I thought it would. AnTuTu is again shown to be … Continue reading

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Video: iPad Mini 4 Extreme PDF Test (Plus Tablet Thoughts)

I had to know. I couldn’t ask anyone else to do it. And I needed to see it all for myself.

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iPad Mini 4 AnTuTu Score

I’ve watched three recent YouTube videos. Two have it in the 80,000-range, one has it in the 60,000-range. I’ll believe the eighty. This is not a tablet too weak to handle Google Books PDFs. So the iBooks crashes are inexplicable … Continue reading

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JDtab Gets Reviewed

TechTablets: JDTab J01 Review Online – It Looked So Promising…

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128GB iPad Mini 4 Is Now US$399

Same-day update after the break. Apple is left with one iPad Mini now. The 4 with 128GBs of internal storage. Still with its aging A8 CPU. It was just back on November 21, 2016 that I wondered if the holiday … Continue reading

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TV: How’d You Get So Rich?

I saw the first episode of this as a lark. Why not? It enchanted me.

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iFive Mini 4s AnTuTu Score

Now I’ll have to do that on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0. The score is from a hyperactive video that you’d really rather not see. Previously here: Video: Two iFive Mini 4s Reviews Video: RePad 8 Unboxed Video: iFive … Continue reading

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Rethinking The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0

It’s on sale for US$299 now: The tablet world has changed a lot since all of my prior posts about this at my prior blog.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3: Google Books PDF Test

Well, look what I came across at Best Buy yesterday: Click any image for large.

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Vuze 3D VR Camera Unboxed

Vuze 3D 360 camera – unboxing and first impressions of the first affordable 3D 360 camera for consumers This is the most-anticipated 3D camera for VR video yet. Make sure your hardware can handle the stitching software: And now you’re … Continue reading

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