Two iPad Mini Clones From Amazon?

Same-day update: Liliputing says No. And provides evidence. See end of post.

May 17, 2017 update: Don’t even bother to read the rest of the post. They’re not iPad Mini clones:

Amazon launches thinner and lighter $50 Fire tablet

Amazon’s new Fire HD 8 is priced at $80 and up (also comes in a Kids Edition)

Now, the original stupid post …

TabletMonkeys: New Amazon Tablets To Launch In May/June? Well Someone’s Tablets Just Leaked Today

Liliputing: Two new Amazon tablets may have hit the FCC

Look at this:

That’s not a widescreen 16:9 tablet. That’s a 4:3 screen ratio!

TabletMonkeys gets this wrong:

Both tablets are manufactured by Sporton, and since they lack ac Wi-Fi cover, neither of these tablets give the impression of being cutting edge, just new. If these are new 6-inch, 7-inch, 8-inch or 10.1-inch tablets was not revealed in todays leaks.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Sporton is not a manufacturer. Sporton is a facility that does device tests for FCC certification [Google Translate].

Liliputing doesn’t speculate on the OEM but does provide verification of Sporton’s role:

So who is the OEM?

There are two choices:

1) A China/Hong Kong design house, such as that used by Best Buy for the Insignia Flex Elite 7.85. This would likely be Lightcomm, who did the Insignia tablet.

2) FNF, the maker of the iFive Mini 4s

That’s really all.

No one else is left in China creating iPad Mini clones outside of FNF. Could it be from them?

FNF being the source is not far-fetched. Hisense picked up a prior iFive Mini model. A partnership with Amazon would explain FNF’s seeming rising from the dead.

A design house is not out of the question. The thing here is that Amazon’s tablet line-up so uninterests me that I’ve never dug into who makes them for Amazon. Whatever design firm created those could have also done these.

What’s unusual is Amazon cheaping-out on the WiFi. That’s a puzzle but I don’t have the motivation to research it. Could it be related to the CPU inside? Rockchip 3288? A MediaTek CPU? Snapdragon 650? I don’t know.

What I suspect about these two is that they might vary based on screen resolution and storage.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we get:

1) A basic tablet at 1024 x 768 with 2GBs of RAM and 16GBs of internal storage

2) A “Pro” tablet at 2048 x 1536 with 4GBs of RAM and 32GBs of internal storage

That would more or less match the strategy of Samsung with its Tab A and Tab S2 models.

And I believe that FCC diagram dimensions. It’d make no sense — and would possibly verge on fraud — for Amazon to submit fake dimensions of their device to the FCC. They can’t show 4:3 dimensions for a 16:9 tablet. Besides which, I can’t recall a single FCC filing where such dimension fakery was ever done.

It makes perfect sense for Amazon to release iPad Mini clones.

1) They don’t offer that form factor

2) A 4:3 screen is more book-like than 16:9

3) Apple’s iPad Mini is vulnerable to Amazon competition

An Amazon iPad Mini clone at US$99-US$129 would destroy the iPad Mini at US$399. It would cut the legs out from under that market. The microSD card slot is what people have wanted in an iPad Mini — and Amazon has put such a slot in theirs, unlike Xiaomi’s lackluster MiPad 3.

If these are indeed iPad Mini clones, Amazon will have again thwarted the ambitions of Chinese tablet makers who wish to enter the American market by closing the one point of entry that was remaining.

And for everyone who has been thinking of buying the iFive Mini 4s, that desire will evaporate. Because buying an iPad Mini clone from Amazon — instead of importing it from China — would be a totally risk-free purchase.

And the big plus: The wizards at XDA Developers will flock to these and we’ll get rooting and custom ROMs!

I expect these tablets to be released to coincide with their display at the NYC Amazon Store.

And I will go there and fondle the bloody hell out of them!

Same-day update: Well, there goes my excitement.


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2 Responses to Two iPad Mini Clones From Amazon?

  1. Robert Jasiek says:

    Could not have been true because large 4:3 matte screen tablets would (except for the Amazon OS) have been too good! Too good tablets never appear, this is a law of nature, sigh.

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